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What Are the Financial and Government Rebate Options for Residential Solar?

What Are the Financial and Government Rebate Options for Residential Solar?

The rising cost of traditional forms of energy drives property owners in Texas and other parts of America to switch to alternative forms of energy like solar power. With solar power, homeowners have been able to significantly cut down their utility bills if not do away with. In Texas, where temperatures rise to about 100 degrees Celsius in some months, normal residential solar power systems can produce enough electricity to power all home appliances.

Some homeowners are even excess power that they can sell to the grid and earn some money. The other reason why homeowners are installing solar power systems is that they can enjoy numerous financial and government rebates. This article talks about the various TX residential solar rebates that you can enjoy when you install a solar power system in your home.

Texas Financial and Government Solar Rebate Programs

Although Texas doesn’t offer statewide solar tax credits or solar rebate programs, many small and large utilities provide significant incentives to property owners who want to install solar power systems.

Austin Energy

If you are an Austin, TX resident, you can get a tax rebate of about $2,500 when installing a solar power system in your home. Also, you can take advantage of Austin Energy’s Value of Solar Tariff.

CPS Energy

CPS Energy offers up to $1.20/W of solar panels to its customers who install solar power systems in their homes. However, this financial incentive’s value continues to drop as more homeowners continue to install solar power. So, if you want to enjoy the incentive while its value is still high, this is the time to go solar. Other utilities that offer TX residential solar rebates include Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, Garland Power and Light, and the City of Sunset Valley.

Texas Net Metering

Many utilities in Texas offer credits to their customers for installing solar systems in their homes. Such utilities include El Paso Electric, Brenham, CPS Energy, and Green Mountain Energy. If your power utility uses the net metering policy, your utility company will give you credits for the extra watts your solar panels generate. If your solar system doesn’t produce enough electricity on a particular day, you can use these credits to draw power from the grid without paying.

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