Using Drones to Survey Roofs

Using Drones to Survey Roofs

With drones, homeowners and inspectors can inspect roofs without climbing. This article tells you why we are committing to using drones to survey roofs.

Reasons for Using Drones to Survey Roofs

But drones were considered toys for boys, and they have become essential tools for critical tasks like high-pitched surveying roofs. Gone are when construction workers and home inspectors had to risk their lives, and you can get the job done with a simple drone without risking anybody’s life.

Saving Time and Money

When surveying a roof manually, you must set up a ladder and other safety apparatus to help you access different roof parts. This takes time and makes the whole endeavor expensive. But a drone eliminates the need to set up this additional safety equipment, saving you time and money.


Whether you’re checking signs of deterioration on your roof or you’ve been tasked with inspecting the roof of a house that’s about to be listed, you need to check every tiny corner of the roof. This is almost impossible when you are worried about sliding and falling off the roof. But with a drone, you can make as much time as you need analyzing every detail of your roof for accurate analysis.

Less Disruption

Surveying a commercial roof manually involves putting some important processes within the property to a halt temporarily. But with a drone, you can carry on with your survey without shutting down business operations.

Less Risk

Although a roof survey isn’t fundamentally dangerous, it carries some degree of hazard. If you’re surveying an old high-pitched roof, the risk of falling off is very high because it has weak areas that might collapse. A drone eliminates this risk by allowing you to inspect all roof areas from the ground. If the roof is inaccessible, a drone will let you analyze it safely from a distance.

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