Hail Damage Roof Repair Service
in Round Rock

Hill Country Hail Storms Wreak Havoc on Shingle Roofs
Homeowners in Round Rock affected by destructive hail storms should immediately schedule an Emergency Home Inspection


  • Jon Yamamoto
    Jon Yamamoto

    100% positive experience! As always on a large project, things don’t always go as planned. Our contact, JD, a man among men, was always available to give us project updates and dealt with any and all issues that arose. Work was 100% complete as described and agreed to. Short cuts were not taken! These guys are experts on metal roofs. Whether you already have one or are considering upgrading to one, JD will show you all of the options available so you can make an informed decision. Happy to recommend this company with the highest regard!

  • J S Clayborn
    J S Clayborn

    Mr. Crosby was very informative, and explained the entire process to me. I was quite impressed, that someone would spend 2 hours visiting with me about my Roof Project and Recent Hail Storm Damage that has been ongoing for the past 2 years… Hail Hit our home 2018, & 2019…. I would highly recommend this company for all exterior repairs….Windows, Gutters, Roof, Brick, etc…

  • 2019-12-03

    They were very personable, cooperative and concerned about my concerns. They did it in an expeditious time factor and did not drag it out. Any concerns or questions I had, they were able to respond competently.

  • 2019-05-21

    They were very personable and I liked everything about them. Very pleased with the level of customer service they take and how they take pride in their name and work.

  • 2019-02-28

    Professional, friendly, perfect. Wednesday they will come out and give and estimate. The gentleman on the phone was awesome.

  • 2018-08-29

    Fast, friendly, kept us updated,and beautiful work. The neighbors all commented.

  • 2018-03-27

    I couldn't speak more highly of this company and the great job they did on clean up. Highly Recommend them..and the customer service is the best!

  • Very professional, excellent work, love my new seamless steel roof. I would not hesitate to recommend the J Wales Home Solutions Co to my friends and neighbors for your new roof. Tony Todora 9719 Hill view Dr Dallas, TX 75231

  • The Quality of the material, workmanship, and final results are wonderful. Our roof and outside the house was very damaged by a hail storm. We would not only recommend JWales but we would encourage anyone wanting a professional and efficient roofing experience with beautiful high quality results to contact JWales.

  • We are so pleased with our new standing seam metal roof from J Wales Home Solutions! It makes our house look so much better than our previous roof. Dealing with J Wales has been a great pleasure! JD who initially helped us select the roof and worked with us through the process is excellent to deal with and extremely proactive and responsive to questions and inquires. The crew who put on the roof were truly artisans. Watching them make the custom panels and trim was amazing and the quality of their work is superb. This is the best experience we’ve ever had with any contractor, hands down! I would recommend this company to my family and friends and anyone looking for a new roof! Thanks J Wales Home Solutions for your excellent work!

  • After a long talk with my wife and more time pondering our homes future- we made the best decision for us and our homes value. J.Wales has exceeded our expectations in every way, especially as our insurance representation. If you’re looking for a company to trust and make sure you’re understood through the whole process then I highly recommend Mr. Goeden and the J.Wales team, they have several departments that specialize in every part of the process, and Derek had extensive knowledge of how to help our situation as well. They went above and beyond the normal process of the claim and recovered over $10k for us! In the past we’ve had bad experiences with contractors, but now if we ever need anything then we know who to call. If you need windows, siding etc., they know it all. Especially when it came to our roof, Derek laid out several options for us and made it super easy in our decision to upgrade to the Vista Malarkey shingle. If you’ve never went through the process of a new roof, then have J.Wales explain the importance of a complete roofing system, they’ll make you feel like an expert afterwards! Thank you J.Wales Looking forward to Solar next year!

  • JD Heiney handled the installation of my new TEK Metal Shake roof with a professional attitude, appearance, and knowledge of the roofing product. I love the look and the durable material used. If you need a roof to stand up to hail and wind, this is the winner. Great value in Texas! Highly recommending J Wales Home Solutions to the neighbors. I first saw another home in my area with this metal shake roof and was glad to get their recommendation to call JD Heiney for more information. This is the best home improvement I have made in 15 years.

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Scheduling a
Free Hail Damage Inspection
Has Never Been Easier!

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Don't let Flash Hail Storms Ruin Your Roof

Your roof is your primary defense against all the elements.

Hail damage can take years to cause roof leaks, wood rot and mold issues. A roof inspection will save you time, money and the heartache of interior damage.

Hail damage is almost impossible to see from the ground and so is easy to ignore. However, even insurance agencies understand it is easier to simply replace a damaged roof than deal with the costs of interior mold and water damage that can occur in the years after a hail storm.

A qualified roof inspection can uncover the actual damage to your home and document it in a the roof assessment report.

How Hail Damages Asphalt Shingles

hail damage explanation

When hail hits a shingle, the shingle becomes “bruised” like an apple. The granules are knocked loose, the fiberglass mat cracks, and the asphalt wears away over time, causing leaks in your roof. The damage from moisture and mold can take years to appear.

How Hail Degrades Shingles over Time

diagram of hail damage
  1. Immediate Impact causes a tear or dimple
  2. Granules Loosen removing protection from damaging sunlight and heat
  3. Crack or Tear Forms over time as asphalt degrades
  4. Water Leaks Through to the interior of the home

2 Big Reasons Your Roof Is At Risk

Texas homes are built to take a beating from heat, high winds, and rain. Hail is a different story.

pictures of different sized hail stones

Insufficient Impact Protection

Hail is a ball of hard ice on a collision course with your roof at very high speeds. These impacts create small craters on your roof that weaken the structure and create fractures in the waterproof layers separating the outside world from the dry interior of your home. Think of the damage that hundreds of golf balls being driven at a roof might do and you can imagine the damage even a small hailstorm can create.

moldy ceiling inside water damage

Water & Mold Damage

Left on it's own, any water penetration from your roof into the attic will cause water, mold & mildew damage over time, leading to air quality issues and expensive mold mitigation & restoration efforts.

Free Emergency Roof Inspection for Hail & Water Damage

Due to the unprecedented number of impacted homes, appointments for inspections & repairs/replacements are filling up fast.

Depend on J Wales Home Solutions For Hail Damage Roof Repairs

Following a hailstorm event in your area, our qualified roofing engineers will cross reference the hail damage to reported hail in your area. This, along with a damage assessment, can be presented to your insurance agency as proof of covered damages. 

J Wales wants to help you ensure your roof is damage-free. If it is damaged, we’ll provide the support and documentation you need to get it replaced by your insurance company.

We have helped thousands of families replace their old roofs with the highest quality and most durable roofing systems in the industry at no cost to them, using these 3 steps:

1. Our Manufacturer-Certified Roofing Experts Inspect Your Roof.

2. Our Inspection Experts Will Put Together A Diagnostic Report To Support Your Claim

3. We Will Work With Your Insurance Company Directly As Needed

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