Tips Before Re-Roofing Your Home

Tips Before Re-Roofing Your Home

Have you thought of investing in a new roof installation, but you aren’t sure what to include in your upgrade? At J Wales Home Solutions, we provide premium roofing services for property owners in Fort Worth and surrounding North Texas area communities. Our roofing experts enjoy helping local clients find ways to maximize the benefits of their roof replacements and we want to do the same for you. Here are some important considerations to make before re-roofing your home.

Prioritize Energy Efficiency

When choosing your roofing materials, be sure to consider energy efficiency. For instance, tile, slate and metal roofs can help deflect some of the sun’s heat. This makes it easier for the property owner to regulate the indoor temperature of their living space without overworking their HVAC system. By prioritizing energy efficiency, you can lower your monthly utility costs, thereby increasing the overall return on your investment.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is a must for homeowners who want to extend the longevity of their new roof. Neglecting to do so could create temperature fluctuations and excess moisture buildup in the winter. Keep your attic fresh and airflow balanced by installing gable and ridge vents.

Install a Chimney Cap

Do you have a traditional fireplace? Then consider installing a chimney cap as part of your roof upgrade. Chimneys are notorious for harboring pests, especially those that aren’t used as frequently. An airtight chimney cap will prevent birds, mice, squirrels and insects from infiltrating your home. If you enjoy using your fireplace during colder weather, you may also see a decrease in energy efficiency by preventing extra heat from escaping when in use.

Upgrade to Low Maintenance Gutters

Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause many issues, including significant water damage. Yet, many homeowners try to avoid cleaning out their gutters twice a year. If you frequently put gutter maintenance on the backburner, then consider installing a low maintenance gutter system that is designed to prevent the accumulation of large debris.

Include Flashings to Prevent Water Damage

Roofs are exposed to a lot of rain and wind. Flashings will help to weatherproof vulnerable areas from excess moisture. Properly installed flashings will help provide support and protection for roofing materials.

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