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3 Ways to Save & Earn with Solar

Solar energy is the best way to save money on your utilities while helping the environment.But did you know that you can earn money too? Here are a few more ways to save & earn:

Break free from utility blackouts & rate spikes

Eliminate surge pricing for using energy at certain times of the day—how most homes rack up enormous bills. Use your electricity free & clear with solar!

Install solar for $0 upfront & eliminate your energy bill

Solar gives you the power to earn money! In Texas, it's easy to bring in more power than you use. Sell that energy back to the grid to cash in.

Write it off on your taxes

The Texas state and federal governments will reward you for your purchase. Deduct 26% of your solar system cost on your state and federal taxes.

3 Ways to Make A Positive Impact With Your Home

Install solar for $0 upfront & eliminate your energy bill. Plus:

Supports American Jobs

Support American jobs with nearly 250,000 solar workers in the U.S. and growing.

Use A Better Alternative To Fossil Fuels

Harness the Texas sun & reduce air pollution from fossil fuels at the same time.
Save up to $300 on your utilities each month.

Conserving Resources

Solar power conserves water required for traditional electricity production, along with traditional costs of power transmission to your home.

TEXAS is the 4th Sunniest State in America
Cash in on the savings today.

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