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Depend on J Wales Home Solutions in Your Time of Need

Looking for reliable & honest storm damage roof repair to help in an emergency can be harrowing. Lots of companies are out to make a quick buck, and a quicker getaway. 

At J Wales Home Solutions, we’re a full-service national roofing company that cares about the communities we live and work in. When you call us for storm damage repair, you can be sure of the following:


What is at Stake For your Home?

Storm damage from hail or flooding can happen in seconds. Depending on what kind of roofing material protects your home, heavy rain, high wind and hail can cause a range of serious problems. Being headquartered in Texas, the leading state in the nation for storm damage from hail, our team is well-versed in various forms of storm damage.

We also know that what’s routine for us is stressful for you. That’s why we’ll stay in close contact during your storm damage repair project. If you have any questions at all, we’re here to answer them.

Are You Storm-Ready? Consider Metal Roofing For Storm Season

While there’s no way to completely safeguard your roof against storm damage, you can make sure your roof is as strong as possible by retrofitting your roof with a metal roof or other storm resistant material.  

J Wales Home Solutions can help you develop the right maintenance plan for your home and budget and we offer a wide selection of tried and tested products we can recommend for your home.  We offer affordable storm damage roof repair and replacement services.

Trust J Wales Home Solutions

If you dealing with storm damage and don’t know who to trust, we are a full-service roofer and home renovation company rated A+ by the BBB, serving homeowners. Call J Wales Home Solutions to speak with a member of our team about how we can get your home back in shape.

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