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Thorough Roof Inspections by J Wales Home Solutions

The First Step in Comprehensive Roof Repair

Regular roof inspections are critical to the structural integrity of your roof and the safety of your family. Many people only think to get their roof inspected when they’re listing their home for sale. But roofs take a lot of abuse over the years, and it’s important to check on yours often. This allows you to identify small problems before they become huge headaches. Need roof inspection? Contact our office now to schedule roofing inspection in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Colleyville, Irving, McKinney, Frisco, Richardson, Duncanville, TX and all nearby towns.

Other events, like severe weather, hailstorms or the expiration of your warranty, make the need for a roof inspection more urgent.

Residential Roof Inspection Services
J Wales Home Solutions provides comprehensive roof inspections and roof certifications to ensure that your roof is operating at full steam. Our team will carefully evaluate all aspects of your roof and identify any areas that need roof repair or determine if your roof needs a replacement. We’ll provide any insurance documentation you need as well as an easy-to-understand roofing estimate.

Our Roof Inspection Process

When we come to inspect your roof, we’ll take our time. We’ll ask you if you’ve noticed any issues and find out what you’re most concerned about. Then our team will inspect every inch of your roofing system, checking for:
  • Missing, broken or torn shingles
  • Excessive loss of shingle granules
  • Rotten or torn rubber boots around pipes
  • Cracks in the chimney or missing caps
  • Cracked or missing caulk
  • Rusted or missing flashing
  • Sagging or rotten areas
  • Sagging or detached gutters
When our inspection is complete, you will receive:
  • An official report with photographs of any damage that we have found.
  • Our recommendations about damage prevention, roof repair or replacement options, cost and energy savings, advice on roofing products, and a free roofing estimate.
  • Fast and friendly customer support from our award-winning team to guide you through the claims process.

Schedule Your Roof Inspection Today

For your roof’s safety and your peace of mind, schedule a roof inspection today. Call J Wales Home Solutions at (817) 767-0129 to speak with a member of our team about what we can do for you.

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