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Metal Roofing From J Wales Home Solutions

Metal Roof Replacement: The High-Quality, Low-Maintenance Choice

For your Metal Roofing needs, J Wales Home Solutions is the exclusive roof contractor installer of Interlock® Metal Roofing Systems in Texas, which is the product we recommend for its functional and aesthetic properties. We are also proud to offer metal roofing in shingle, shake, slate and tile profiles to protect and beautify your home.

While metal is growing in popularity among homeowners, customers are usually unaware of the various benefits a metal roof replacement can provide. Here are just a few:

Residential Metal Roof

What We Can Do for You

If you would like to learn more about installing a metal roof, call J Wales Home Solutions today! We provide free estimates for all of our roofing services.

The J Wales Expert Roofing Contractor Difference

Metal roofing is the premiere J Wales service in the  Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we’re proud you’ve chosen J Wales Home Solutions. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

We Want to Be Your Metal Roofing Company

Work with the most respected metal roofing experts for your metal roof replacement in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Call J Wales Home Solutions at (817) 767-0129 to speak with a member of our team about your new metal roof.

Are you ready to get started on your next roofing project?

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Partners In Success

For Ft. Worth, TX, Which Roof Material is Better? Metal or Shingle?

As you contemplate building a home in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, you have to consider the right type of roof. The area experiences severe storms in spring and extreme heat in summer, all of which can easily cause the composition of your roof to deteriorate earlier than expected. That’s why you need to keep an eye

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Reliability Issues with Tile Roofs

Tiles roofs are considered the best option for homeowners living in scorching weather conditions and salty air. In the past, roofing tiles were made from slates, fired clay, or terra cotta products, but nowadays, these tiles are made from molded, colored concrete. They also come in many shapes and sizes to meet different roofing needs.

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Roof Repair

Durability of Different Roofing Materials

When searching for the best roofing materials for your house, the first consideration you make is their durability. Nobody wants to install a roof that keeps getting damaged now and then. This can lead to a high cost of maintenance and repair. The good thing is that several roofing materials have proved to be highly

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Options for Sustainable Energy in Your Home

The rising cost of electricity and climate change have forced homeowners to look for other sustainable ways to power their homes. Thankfully, there are several sources of renewable energy that you can use in your home. These alternatives help reduce carbon footprint and make your home more sustainable, thus lowering your energy costs. Furthermore, sustainable

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Adding an Auxiliary Storage Building to Your Home

Also referred to as accessory buildings, auxiliary storage buildings are outdoor storage structures designed to store different household items and equipment. Legally, an auxiliary storage building should not be used as a sleeping quarter or living space. Also, it shouldn’t be used to store commercial vehicles. An auxiliary storage store helps to create additional storage

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