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Homes were not built for this weather. ALL affected homeowners should immediately schedule an Emergency Home Inspection

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roof damage from ice and snow

Why Is Ice So Damaging To Roofs?

Ice dams are the single greatest cause of snow damage to roofs and home interiors. Most southern homes are not weatherized for deep freezes. Because of this, heat escapes through the roof of your home, causing uneven temperatures.

When the upper part of your roof is above freezing, and the lower part is below freezing, the snow melts above and travels downward, where it turns to ice. This process of repeated thawing and refreezing of water causes ice dams.

2 Reasons Your Roof Is At Risk

Homes are built to take a beating from heat, high winds, and rain. But the unprecedented storms of recent winters aren’t something home builders planned for, which is why these weather patterns are wreaking havoc across many regions.

roof flashing

Insufficient Protection

Ice & water shields are only placed in roof valleys in some regions, which is usually sufficient. A sustained freeze can leave unprecedented amounts of ice and snow sitting on the unprotected areas of your roof for too long.

illustration of ice damaged roof

Ice Dams

Ice dams cause deeper levels of damage to your roof and the internal structure of your home because they block your roof’s ability to drain liquid as it usually would. The longer that liquid stays in one place, the deeper the damage.

Free Emergency Roof Inspection for Ice & Water Damage

Due to the unprecedented number of impacted homes, appointments for inspections & repairs/replacements are filling up fast.
gutters damaged by ice

Depend on J Wales Home Solutions For Ice Damage Roof Repairs

Following this terrible weather, we want to help you ensure your roof is damage-free. If it is damaged, we’ll provide the support and documentation you need to get it replaced by your insurance company.
We have helped thousands of families replace their old roofs with the highest quality and most durable roofing systems in the industry at no cost to them, using these 3 steps:

1. Our Manufacturer-Certified Roofing Experts Inspect Your Roof.

2. Our Inspection Experts Will Put Together A Diagnostic Report To Support Your Claim

3. We Will Work With Your Insurance Company Directly If Needed

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