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Shingle-roofed homes are not built for Hail
Hail affected homeowners should immediately schedule an Emergency Home Inspection


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Why Is Hail So Damaging To Roofs?

Your roof is your primary defense against all the elements.

Once you understand how hail damage can take years to cause roof leaks, wood rot and mold issues, you’ll know why a roof inspection will save you time, money and the headaches of interior damage.

Hail damage can rarely be seen from the ground and is therefore often ignored. However, even insurance agencies understand it is easier to simply replace a damaged roof than deal with the costs of interior mold and water damage that can occur in the years after a hail storm.

A qualified roof inspection can uncover the actual damage to your home and document it in a the roof assessment report.

2 Big Reasons Your Roof Is At Risk

Homes are built to take a beating from heat, high winds, and rain. Hail is a different story.

pictures of different sized hail stones

Insufficient Impact Protection

Hail is a ball of hard ice on a collision course with your roof at very high speeds. These impacts create small craters on your roof that weaken the structure and create fractures in the waterproof layers separating the outside world from the dry interior of your home. Think of the damage that hundreds of golf balls being driven at a roof might do and you can imagine the damage even a small hailstorm can create.

moldy ceiling inside water damage

Water & Mold Damage

Left on it's own, any water penetration from your roof into the attic will cause water, mold & mildew damage over time, leading to air quality issues and expensive mold mitigation & restoration efforts.

Free Emergency Roof Inspection for Hail & Water Damage

Due to the unprecedented number of impacted homes, appointments for inspections & repairs/replacements are filling up fast.

Depend on J Wales Home Solutions For Hail Damage Roof Repairs

Following a hailstorm event in your area, our qualified roofing engineers will cross reference the hail damage to reported hail in your area. This, along with a damage assessment, can be presented to your insurance agency as proof of covered damages. 

J Wales wants to help you ensure your roof is damage-free. If it is damaged, we’ll provide the support and documentation you need to get it replaced by your insurance company.

We have helped thousands of families replace their old roofs with the highest quality and most durable roofing systems in the industry at no cost to them, using these 3 steps:

1. Our Manufacturer-Certified Roofing Experts Inspect Your Roof.

2. Our Inspection Experts Will Put Together A Diagnostic Report To Support Your Claim

3. We Will Work With Your Insurance Company Directly As Needed

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