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Your home is your most valuable asset. That’s why it makes sense to protect it against damage from the elements. Across the U.S. that comes in the form of wind, rain, hail, ice and the baking summer sun. Our unpredictable weather means you need a roof that you can count on, all year ‘round. That’s where we come in. We offer reliable roofing replacement services in various states across the U.S. and all major metros. Contact our office today to schedule roofing services in your area. J Wales Home Solutions has earned a reputation as the most trusted roofing company with a headquarter in Dallas/Fort Worth, and for good reason. We offer the broadest selection of roofing options, from the country’s leading roofing manufacturers, all of which provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your home is safe and secure from the weather.

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    More Choices Means Better Value for You

    Why do we offer so many roofing choices? We want to make sure the roofing system we install is perfectly matched to your home’s specific needs, the architectural style, and your roofing budget. It is just one more way J Wales Home Solutions makes your life easier and simpler. Which roofing style is right for your home? Our experts will help you explore your options and make the best choice from among:
    Each roofing style has its strengths. But you can rest assured that whichever roofing system we install on your home will provide reliable protection and long-lasting value. Our customers tell us that they sleep better under a J Wales roof!

    Repair or Replace?

    If your roof has seen better days, has suffered storm damage, or has sprung a leak, the question becomes one of repair or replacement. In many cases our roofing experts can assess damaged or aging roofs and recommend repairs that can extend the service life of the roof. Or, if repair will be too extensive or expensive, we’ll recommend a complete roof replacement and provide multiple options from which to choose. Our goal is always to keep your home and family safe, dry and comfortable.

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    Find out if your roof is up to the job of protecting your home. Call J Wales Home Solutions at (817) 440-4436 to speak with a member of our team about a free roof inspection and estimate. We proudly serve homeowners across the U.S.

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