Measures to Reduce the Risk of Fire Damage to the Roof

Measures to Reduce the Risk of Fire Damage to the Roof

A fire that starts in one house or business can quickly spread from to their neighbors via the roof. For this reason, the condition of your roof is critical to preventing fire damage and injury. At J Wales Home Solutions, we proudly offer high quality home improvement services including roof installation, repairs and replacements in Fort Worth, Texas and nearby DFW area communities. Are you looking for ways to reduce the risk of fire damage on your roof? Here are some tips that can help you avoid property loss and other fire dangers.

Upgrade to a Fire-Resistant Roof Material

One of the best ways to prevent fire damage long term is to invest in high quality roofing materials. A rating system was created so that consumers can quickly and easily identify the level of fire-resistance of roofing materials. The best rating is Class A, followed by Class B and finally ending with Class C. If your current roof is made of Class C materials, then you might consider upgrading.

Clear Away the Clutter Around Your Home

Untrimmed tree limbs, out of control bushes and stacks of firewood against your exterior walls can all contribute to the spread of flames onto your roof. For best results, try to minimize the amount of fire hazards around your home and roof.

Keep Your Electrical System Maintained

Electrical issues are one of the most common causes of house fires in America. Therefore, electrical maintenance should be a top priority for property owners who want to avoid danger. Invest in electrical inspections at least once per year and stay on top of important repairs.

Invest in a Lightning Arrester

Lightning strikes are more common than people realize, and the sudden jolt of heat can ignite a burst of flames. A lightning arrester offers a safe pathway for the flow of electricity from your roof to the ground.

Clean Your Chimney Often

Do you use your chimney regularly during the fall and winter months? Then keep your chimney free of soot and debris buildup. A neglected chimney is the perfect environment for starting a fire near your roof, so before you throw a log on the hearth, make sure you have thoroughly cleared out any hazardous materials.

Do You Need a Roof Upgrade or Repair? Call J Wales Home Solutions Today

Have you decided to upgrade your roof to a fire-resistant material? Did you suffer from fire damage, and need a roof repair or roof replacement? Then call the experts at J Wales Home Solutions. Our experienced specialists are always ready to lend a helping hand. We are ready to help improve the safety and integrity of your roof. Contact our office for more information about our home improvement services or to schedule an appointment for your next roof installation, repair or replacement in Fort Worth, McKinney, Duncanville, Frisco, Plano, Colleyville, Richardson, Irving, Arlington, Burleson, White Settlement, Aledo, Weatherford or a surrounding North Texas neighborhood.

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