How a New Roof Impacts the Value of Your Home

How a New Roof Impacts the Value of Your Home

Have you been considering various methods of increasing the value of your home? While many property owners focus on tasks like bathroom or kitchen renovations, many people are unaware of the tremendous financial incentives that a new roof can bring. At J Wales Home Solutions, we provide premium home improvement services for local clients including new roof installations, repair and replacements. Are you wondering if a new roof will have a positive impact on the value of your house? Here are just a few of the reasons why upgrading your roof can offer a very high return on your investment.

Increased Longevity and Durability

A conventional asphalt shingle roof will last 15 to 25 years, depending on quality and the amount of maintenance and repairs performed over its lifetime. Yet, ceramic tile, slate or metal can last half a century or more. This means a homeowner would have to replace an asphalt roof anywhere from two to six times before someone with a more dependable roofing material. These strong roofs will also be more resistant to heavy wind, snow, hail and fallen tree limbs than minimum standard roofing materials. This means dealing with less frequent repairs and roof leaks over time.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

At a time when there are many houses available for sale or rent in the marketplace, it’s important to do everything you can to attract the attention of potential buyers. Curb appeal can be a deciding factor on whether someone will take the time to tour your property. An old, worn out roof can be very unappealing, and may detract from other improvements such as beautiful landscaping. When you replace your roof with a beautiful, high quality roof, you will instantly upgrade the overall look and charm of your home.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

A leaking roof made with low quality materials can increase your utility costs tremendously. When you install a new roof that is insulative and better reflects the sun’s heat, you can better regulate the indoor temperature of your home. Such a feature can contribute to significant decreases in monthly expenses, and reduce the pressure placed on your HVAC system.

Possible Discounts on Insurance Rates

Since metal, slate and ceramic tile roofs require less repairs, and stand up to environmental conditions, many insurance companies appreciate the benefits of having clients with a quality roof. Some insurance companies even offer discounts on rates to encourage their customers to make the switch.

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