Does the Color of Your Roof Matter?

Does the Color of Your Roof Matter?

When building a house, one of the main concerns is the color of the roof. This is mainly based on the desire to have an eye-catching roof that will stand out. Does the color of your roof matter?

Why the Color of Your Roof Matters

The color of your roof plays a critical role in determining the temperatures in your house. For instance, if you choose dark-colored roofing shingles, they’ll absorb more heat from the sun, causing the interiors of your home to overheat, especially during the hot season. Roofing shingles with lighter colors reflect sunlight more than darker ones.

Also, a dark-colored roof loses heat more at night than a light-colored one. Therefore, as you choose the color of your roof, consider your heating needs, depending on the overall climate in your area. Live in an area that is extremely hot during the day, especially in summer. You shouldn’t go for completely dark-colored roofing shingles because they’ll absorb excess heat, making your interior inhabitable. But the dark-colored shingles will be the ideal choice for your roof if you don’t want the temperatures in your home to be too high.

So, you have to consider the overall weather condition in your area when determining the ideal color for your roof. You should work with your local roof contractor to create a color perfect for the local weather. Since the contractor understands how the different roofs and colors work, they’re better placed to advise you on the right colors for your roof.

Dark-Colored Roofs VS Light-Colored Roofs

As mentioned above, if you reside in an area that’s generally hot throughout the year, the light-colored roofing shingles are the right choice for you because they’ll reflect most of the heat away from your house during the day, keeping your interiors cool and comfortable. This will also prevent your air conditioner and heating systems from overworking, thus reducing utility costs.

But if you live in a cold area, you need to use dark-colored roofing materials because they retain heat from the sun, which will keep your interiors warm during the day, especially in winter. Furthermore, dark-colored roofs help the snow stuck on your roof melt quickly, thus reducing the load on your roof. They’ll also directly affect the performance of your HVAC systems and your monthly utility costs.

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