Do I Need a Permit to Have a Roof Replacement Done in Dallas or Ft. Worth?

Do I Need a Permit to Have a Roof Replacement Done in Dallas or Ft. Worth?

As you prepare to replace your roof in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, there are several important considerations you need to make. For instance, you have to ensure the project is done according to the local building standards and codes. Most homeowners in this area want to know if they need a permit to replace their roofs. This article addresses this and other related concerns.

Is Roofing Permit Necessary During Roof Replacement in Dallas?

The answer is, yes. It is mandatory for any commercial or residential property owner in Texas to obtain a roofing permit when replacing their roof. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, this permit is an important part of the roof replacement procedure and failure to acquire the permit can easily delay the project or earn you a hefty fine.

Normally, a building permit is required for work involving structural elements of your building, including the roof. However, permits are not necessary for certain construction work in the state. Also, historic or conservation districts have special requirements for work done on the exterior of properties. Most building and construction permits in Texas are issued at the Building Inspection Permit Center, but you can still obtain them at a Building Inspection District Office under special circumstances. According to the Dallas Building Code, a person, firm, or corporation shall not erect, construct, enlarge, add to, alter, repair, replace, improve, remove, install, convert, equip, use, occupy or maintain a structure or building service equipment without first obtaining a Master Permit from the building official. However, this code also offers some exceptions. For instance, if the permit is for replacing a roof, you can obtain it from the Building Inspection District Office.

For example, you do not need a permit for nonstructural interior remodeling of a single-family or two-family house that does not add floor area or change exterior doors or windows. You also don’t need a permit to re-roof a single-family house or duplex dwellings if the value of the project does not exceed $500. Another main exemption is the addition of storm windows, shutters, trim, awnings, siding, rain gutters, or insulation to a building.

So, if you are planning to replace the entire roof, you have to obtain a permit. You can either get the permit yourself or ask your contractor to get it on your behalf. The contractor must be licensed to be able to acquire the permit. For more information on roof replacement permits in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, talk to J Wales Home Solutions.

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