Covid-19 Is Affecting Supplies And Prices For All Roofing Materials

Covid-19 Is Affecting Supplies And Prices For All Roofing Materials

Plan Ahead To Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

It’s almost impossible to overstate the far-reaching effects that COVID-19 has had on our lives. No industry has escaped the cascade of changes this disease has provoked, and though there is hope in sight, recovery will be slow. Factories across the world have been either shut down or had their capacity severely reduced. Construction materials have seen unheard-of production delays and missed goals. This is an industry-wide phenomenon. Many manufacturing facilities predict production shortfalls for the remainder of 2021. One of the results of these supply restrictions is predictable. You are going to see higher prices for roofing materials.

To add insult to injury, a record-breaking storm season has battered the U.S. roofing industry in ways we may never see again.

What Homeowners Should Know


The scarcity of materials will make scheduling installations more difficult. You may have to wait longer to take delivery of the materials like shingles, etc., that you need to complete your project. Current delays are in the range of six to eight weeks, and pricing can be unpredictable.


The best way to battle rising prices is to get your project in the works as early as possible. If you need a new roof, we recommend that you get the installation scheduled as quickly as possible. Cost tends to go up and resists coming back down even after the crisis eases. There have already been industry-wide price increases in January and February, and more increases are almost inevitable. Finally, roofing materials pricing is determined by the product delivery time, not the time of purchase. Get your order in now, or you could run into more future price increases.

Design Considerations

With factories struggling to meet demand, priority goes to roofing styles and colors that sell the best. Specialty or exotic styles will be delayed further and will be subject to even higher price points. How can you get around that? By getting started sooner, your roofer may be able to find a better selection of colors if you are open to a wider selection of brands. It may not be better price-wise, but if the color of your roof is critical to your home’s look, looking at alternative brands may give you a way to get what you want.

The quick solution to all of these issues is to get your project moving as soon as you determine you need it. With all of the above delays looming, the faster you can arrange a reliable, full-service roofing company, the better. Get your inspection done and know where you need work. JWales can even assist you with insurance claims in case your repair needs it.

The year Everyone will remember 2020 for the massive changes imposed on us in almost every phase of our lives. 2021 looks to be better, but we will still have to plan if we want to keep our unpleasant surprises to a minimum. Get your roof inspection today and get your project into the queue so you can minimize project delays and unexpected price increases.

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