Challenges of Restoring an Older Home

Challenges of Restoring an Older Home

One of the benefits of owning an older home is its character, always displaying unique features like architectural fittings and solid plaster walls that you won’t find in newer homes. But when it comes to renovating an older home, you will face some costly challenges that might leave you frustrated. Continue reading to know the main challenges of restoring an older home.

Common Challenges of Renovating an Older Home

Outdated Plumbing and Electrical Systems

In the past, builders used galvanized pipes in homes and for sewer lines. Unfortunately, these pipes get clogged and corroded easily. So, when you are replacing an older home, you have to deal with these types of pipes. Replacing the old galvanized pipes with the latest PVC or copper pipes is not a cheap affair. You might end up spending over $500, depending on the type of plumbing system and the number of pipes you have to replace.

Old electrical systems pose a safety risk, and they should therefore be upgraded to the latest standards. For example, if you upgrade your bathroom, you will discover that the old home didn’t have things like hairdryers, which can draw more power than your old household appliances can handle. Therefore, you have to upgrade your home’s amp service and replace the ungrounded 2-prong power outlets with 3-prong outlets. These upgrades might leave you with an empty pocket.

Hazardous Materials

If your old home were built a few decades ago, you would most likely find lead in its paint and asbestos in its floor, ducts, popcorn ceilings, roof, and HVAC systems. These materials won’t pose any risk if they are left undisturbed. But if the restoration project involves scrapping them off, their dust or powder can be highly hazardous.

Therefore, you might need to hire a professional to identify and remove these materials from your home if you suspect they are present. Some abatement companies will charge you about $1,000 to remove harmful materials from your home.

Shortage of Building Materials

Since your old home’s standards and codes were built to are somewhat different from today’s, you might have difficulties finding construction materials that are compatible with your old home’s designs, especially if you want to retain your old home’s character. For instance, the old bathtubs were smaller, and the doors were narrower. You will also need to look for paneled wood doors and slender oak flooring, which are not readily available today.

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