Installing Better Windows to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

The type of windows you install in your house can affect your electricity bills. Heat retention and loss in your house during the cold season through windows are responsible for 25 percent of your home’s energy consumption. Read on to learn more about installing better windows to improve home energy efficiency. The Importance of Windows … Read more

Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Aside from the extreme cold, winter has many downsides, most of which can be costly if not managed properly. As a homeowner, you must prepare your roof for winter. The heaps of light and fluffy snow test your roof’s resilience. This article advises you on preparing your roof for winter. Inspecting and Cleaning Gutters Your … Read more

What’s Ice Damming and How Does It Damage a Roof?

For most of the United States, winter brings excess snow, rain, and wind. When snow piles up on your roof, it can lead to a serious drainage problem called ice damming. If you don’t fix it immediately, it’ll eventually damage your roof. What exactly is ice damming, and how does it damage a roof? What’s … Read more

Are Attic Fans Still a Good Value for Your Home?

Attic fans play a critical role in removing stuffy hot air from your attic and replacing it with cool air from outside. This means that hot air can’t seep into your house, driving the temperatures inside. If this air gets into your home, it will cause your air conditioner to overwork, thus pushing your monthly … Read more

3 More Home Renovations That Increase Your Home’s Value

Regular home improvements can help you add value to your home, whether you’re planning to sell it soon or want to grow its importance as part of your investment. Over time, these upgrades and modifications will boost the appeal of your home, thus warranting a higher sale price. This article provides three key home renovations … Read more

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