Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Aside from the extreme cold, winter has many downsides, most of which can be costly if not managed properly. As a homeowner, you must prepare your roof for winter. The heaps of light and fluffy snow test your roof’s resilience. This article advises you on preparing your roof for winter. Inspecting and Cleaning Gutters Your … Read more

What’s Ice Damming and How Does It Damage a Roof?

For most of the United States, winter brings excess snow, rain, and wind. When snow piles up on your roof, it can lead to a serious drainage problem called ice damming. If you don’t fix it immediately, it’ll eventually damage your roof. What exactly is ice damming, and how does it damage a roof? What’s … Read more

Booking an Independent Solar Site Survey

As solar system experts, our priority is to offer the best services for your solar energy needs. To achieve this, you must follow calculated, essential steps, one of which is a comprehensive solar site survey. Many contractors and owners of solar systems overlook this step mainly because of high costs. They don’t want to hire … Read more

Using Drones to Survey Roofs

With drones, homeowners and inspectors can inspect roofs without climbing. This article tells you why we are committing to using drones to survey roofs. Reasons for Using Drones to Survey Roofs But drones were considered toys for boys, and they have become essential tools for critical tasks like high-pitched surveying roofs. Gone are when construction … Read more

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