Booking an Independent Solar Site Survey

Booking an Independent Solar Site Survey

As solar system experts, our priority is to offer the best services for your solar energy needs. To achieve this, you must follow calculated, essential steps, one of which is a comprehensive solar site survey.

Many contractors and owners of solar systems overlook this step mainly because of high costs. They don’t want to hire additional employees to survey their sites. This shouldn’t stop you from doing the right thing because failing to do a survey might have serious repercussions later. Fortunately, you can hire an independent expert to survey the solar site.

Importance of a Solar Site Survey

The need to survey a solar site before you begin the installation can’t be overemphasized. Your client may not be familiar with the various factors that might affect the effectiveness of their solar system. Still, you must make the system function optimally as the system installer, so you must survey the site before installing the system.

But since you may not have the time or resources to conduct a thorough survey, you should rely on an independent solar site survey. With a reputable independent contractor like J Wales Home Solutions, you are guaranteed to get a detailed report of the site to help you make well-informed decisions. A solar site survey report prepared by experts will help you understand the climate conditions of the site, including the solar irradiation levels, temperatures, and variations in the wind speed in the area.

This information will help you estimate the solar system’s effectiveness at the site and the needed components for a successful installation. A site survey will also give you a clear picture of the type of property and roof you’re dealing with. The configuration of the structure and its roofing determine the design of the installed solar system.

You need to survey the site before installing the system to identify the best position of the system for better performance. The solar system’s effectiveness depends heavily on its location based on the direction of the property. A site survey will help you analyze the available shade to ensure the system has access to enough sunlight. The space open on the roof will also determine the size of the solar system you install.

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