Besides Metal Roofs, What Roof Materials Are Well Suited to Texas Conditions?

Besides Metal Roofs, What Roof Materials Are Well Suited to Texas Conditions?

Most homeowners in Texas prefer to use metal sheets for their roofs because they are durable, resilient, aesthetically appealing, and easy to install. They are also tough enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Texas.

However, metal roofing sheets are costly. So, not every homeowner in Texas can afford to have a metal roof. Thankfully, you can use many other types of roofing materials on your home in Texas without exposing yourself and your belongings to weather hostilities. Here, we tell you some of the other roofing materials best suited to Texas weather conditions.

Clay Tiles

Since Texas is hot most of the time, clay tiles serve as a cooling system, keeping your home cool during the day. These tiles are suitable for insulating your home because they prevent the cold air from leaving the house while keeping the hot air outside. Unlike metal sheets and other Texas roof materials, clay is not a very good heat conductor, and therefore it won’t allow excess heat from the sun to enter your house.

Also, clay roofing tiles undergo baking, acquiring inherent firmness and strength to withstand harsh elements like large hailstones and other debris blown onto the roof by strong winds. This rigidity also helps the tiles to endure continuous exposure to harsh UV rays from the sun.


Roofing slates are naturally occurring stones that have been shaped into roofing tiles. These stones are known to heat slowly and cool off quickly. And since they are high density, only the side that is exposed to the sun warms up. Therefore, roofing slates are perfect for preventing temperature fluctuations in the house. This way, you can reduce your utility costs because you do not need to run your air conditioner continuously in the summer.

Furthermore, roofing slates are available in lighter earth colors that reflect harsh rays of the sun, keeping your house comfortable during the hot seasons. Like clay tiles, slates are naturally tough, remaining strong and unscathed by hailstones and other harsh elements for many years.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

Wood shingles and shakes have natural insulating properties that enable them to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are also firm and tough. Unlike asphalt shingles, wood shingles and shakes do not crack easily when hit by large hailstones. However, they have to be treated with a fire retardant coating to acquire a Class A fire rating.

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