Are New Home Remodeling Materials Really That Much Better?

Are New Home Remodeling Materials Really That Much Better?

In 2019, the National Association of Realtors Research Group published a Remodeling Impact Report which indicated that homeowners in the United States spend over $400 billion annually on home renovations and repairs. Most of these renovations involve the installation of new home remodeling materials. But are these new remodeling materials worth it? This article discusses the importance of using new home remodeling materials when renovating your home.

Why You Should Use New Home Remodeling Materials


If your old home was built with traditional building materials, it needs to be upgraded with modern materials that are more sustainable and long-lasting. Whether you are planning to live in the house longer or sell it, you need to ensure that the upgrades will make your home last longer. Also, you need to use new, high-quality remodeling materials for reduced maintenance costs and an extended lifespan of your home.

Advanced Building Techniques

With the latest home remodeling materials, you can upgrade your home using the latest techniques. For example, you can use an advanced framing technique that uses less wood, thus reducing the overall cost of materials and labor. These building techniques also help you to ensure that your home meets the latest building standards and codes. They also make your home sturdier and more durable.

Improved Energy Efficiency

By remodeling your home with the latest construction materials, you will improve its overall energy efficiency and save money in the long run. It is also important to mention that most building materials today are produced through sustainable processes that reduce emissions and landfills. So, by using these materials, you will be conserving the environment. Also, these materials are more energy-efficient. Such building materials include low-flow toilets, eco-friendly heating systems, green insulating materials, on-demand water heaters, and programmable thermostats.

Safe and Comfortable Home

When you remodel your home with the latest sustainable materials, you improve its comfort and make it safe and healthy to live in. For instance, you should use materials that do not emit toxins like carcinogens, volatile organic compounds, and molds. Also, make sure the materials you choose improve the air quality in your home, like natural wool carpets, air conditioners, laminates without toxic glues, and insulations that don’t promote mold growth.

Also, ensure that the wood used to frame your new infill home is appropriately treated to prevent fungus, mold, and wood-ingesting pest plagues. That way, you will be using superior building materials and protecting your health and safety.

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