Are Attic Fans Still a Good Value for Your Home?

Are Attic Fans Still a Good Value for Your Home?

Attic fans play a critical role in removing stuffy hot air from your attic and replacing it with cool air from outside. This means that hot air can’t seep into your house, driving the temperatures inside. If this air gets into your home, it will cause your air conditioner to overwork, thus pushing your monthly utility bills up.

Therefore, it’s essential to install attic fans in your house and ensure they’re working all the time effectively. But do attic fans increase the value of a home? Read on to find out.

Pros and Cons of Attic Fans

If you’ve ever stepped into your attic in the middle of summer, you understand how hot your living space could get if you didn’t have attic fans. The temperatures in the attic can rise to 150 degrees Fahrenheit in summer, and attic fans are considered the best solution to your hot, stuffy attic.

Some attic fans have increased energy use, especially electric ones, which can cause leaks in the attic if not installed correctly. Solar-powered attic fans can help you reduce utility costs, and these fans run purely on solar energy, making electrical savings.

How Attic Fans Improve Your Home’s Value

While they may seem like an inconsequential investment, attic fans could make all the difference when you’re trying to sell your home, primarily if your home is in an environmentally conscious area. Home buyers in such areas are looking for homes with high energy efficiency. According to Zillow, making your home energy efficient with attic fans can raise its value by almost seven percent.

Lenders also consider a house’s energy efficiency rating systems during mortgage underwriting. A recent study titled “Energy Efficiency: Value Added to Properties and Loan Performance,” whose objective was to establish whether energy-efficient installations like attic fans can improve the value of a house and reduce financial stress by cutting down utility costs, revealed that energy-efficient homes sell for as much as five percent more than less energy-efficient homes.

With energy star-rated attic fans, you can obtain green certification for your home, which further increases its value. If your house gets green certification, you’re likely to sell it for 9 percent more than a home without accreditation. Energy scores and labels for properties always generate a significant market response compared to homes without labels.

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