Alternatives to Decorating with Subway Tile

Alternatives to Decorating with Subway Tile

For centuries, subway tiles have been the ideal choice for backsplashes in commercial kitchens. Today, they have become very common in residential kitchens because of their unique appeal and efficiency. While these classic tiles are expected to continue dominating the scene in the foreseeable future, there are several other styles, both traditional and modern, that have proved to give subway tile fierce competition. Continue reading to learn more about the alternatives to decorating with subway tiles.

Common Alternatives to Subway Tiles


Bricks are known to add warmth and fullness to any room. So, if you do not want to go the traditional way of decorating your kitchen with subway tiles, you can use bricks. You don’t even have to install new bricks if you already have them hidden behind your kitchen walls. You just need to expose them. Furthermore, you can easily replicate this look with faux brick panels or wallpapers.

And if you don’t want to use the traditional red bricks, you can use white bricks to create your kitchen backsplash. Although this type of brick resembles a subway tile, it is a bit rough around the edges. If you install a white brick backsplash, make sure to accompany it with solid wood accessories like rustic wood shelves to give your kitchen the popular hip Parisian café.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles

The Moroccan fish scale backsplash design is becoming very common in residential and commercial kitchens around the world. It helps to create a mermaid look that brings a sense of the deep sea to your kitchen. This is an eye-catching style versatile enough to match a wide variety of kitchen cabinets, countertops, and other kitchen fittings.

DIY Sticker Tiles

Sticker tiles offer a simple way to transform your kitchen instantly. Plus, they are perfect for both residential and commercial kitchens. These are removable adhesive tiles that come in a variety of colors and styles. So, if you want to add an element of color to your kitchen, these sticker tiles are the way to go. They are also a cost-effective way to decorate your kitchen because you can install them yourself.

Metallic Mosaics

Although metallic mosaics are a bit industrial and classic, they can transform your kitchen into a flamboyant space. You can also pair them with sleek modern kitchen cabinets and countertops to bring out an elegant look. The shiny metallic backslash design is a showstopper. Just make sure it is installed by a professional interior designer who understands different styles and patterns.

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